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Achieving zero waste is possible only when properly analyzing an organization’s purchasing, use, and disposal of products. RTS can help implement a set of principles that redesign current systems, in turn shifting the focus on waste prevention, the entire lifecycle of a product, and ensuring high participation in recycling programs through programming and communication. These principles will make certain that products are reused and recycled instead of sent to landfill.

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Our zero waste services include:

  • Program design and implementation
  • Staff training by LEED Accredited Experts
  • Waste diversion reporting
  • Sustainable procurement consulting and waste audits

Zero waste NYC.

Learn how we helped get Whole Foods to more than 50 percent diversion using a combination of our education and waste management services.
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Zero waste in your home.

Zero waste isn’t just a business goal. It can be achieved in the home too. We’ve gathered six family-friendly activities that will bring hours of fun, and work towards zero waste with reusable materials you have around your home.
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DIY zero-waste activities for adults.

Crafts aren’t just for the kids. Adults can get creative too! We’ve gathered six activities that will keep anyone occupied while minimizing waste. Feeling the social distancing blues too? Host a virtual crafternoon with friends using one of these zero waste ideas.
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What’s in your waste bin?

Our services cover a broad range of waste types across a variety of industries from fully integrated waste management solutions to on-demand removal.

Certified as a force for good.

As a smarter, more waste-conscious service provider, RTS gives companies the tools and training they need to measure and meet their sustainability goals.


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