75% of all waste we produce can be avoided, repurposed, or recycled.

Discover how your business can improve waste diversion.

Measure the impact of your waste program.


Embarking on a waste analysis can be daunting. Our benchmarking services make it easy by providing detailed information about your waste streams, resulting in step-by-step feedback to improve your program.

  • Waste Audit
  • Site Assessment
  • Data Benchmarking
  • Comprehensive waste optimization report
  • Waste diversion baselines
  • Identification of areas of improvement
  • Roadmap for program changes

Stay on track with accurate and reliable data.


Data is power. Once you have a better understanding of your current waste profile, our team will work with you to continuously collect actionable waste data and monitor your program every step of the way.

  • Waste Collection Data
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Timely waste metrics reporting
  • Baseline tracking and progress report

Ensure your sustainability goals are met.


We’ve got your back. Our team will develop a highly customized sustainability support system designed to integrate easily within your operations, help you overcome any identified challenges, and keep the waste program on track to meet your goals.

  • Program Management
  • Education
  • Annual action plan with targets and goals
  • Annual trainings
  • Quarterly program updates
  • Quarterly employee engagement
  • Adjustments to equipment & service
    frequency (as needed)
  • Tenant specific meeting attendance
  • Ongoing educational resources
  • Assistance in planning annual sustainability events
The RTS platform provides us flexibility, while streamlining our processes to assist in reducing store and community impact of our waste removal.
– Whole Foods Green Mission Specialist

Maintain compliance with local waste regulation.

6 States + 7 Municipalities in the US have organic waste bans in place.

27 states have mandatory recycling requirements of at least one recyclable material.

Our LEED accredited and TRUE Zero Waste Certified Sustainability team can provide a thorough analysis of your waste program to ensure compliance is met within your space.

Certified as a force for good.

As a smarter, more waste-conscious service provider, RTS gives companies the tools and training they need to measure and meet their sustainability goals.


True Advisor

LEED Accredited

Get in touch with an expert.

Discover how RTS can give you the tools and training needed to measure and meet your business’s sustainability goals. We help you more efficiently manage your waste and recycling through our custom digital solutions, LEED-accredited staff training, and dedicated, 24/7 customer service team.

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