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RTS is your central point of contact.

RTS is the central point of contact for clients regardless of the number or size of locations.
Our integrated tracking system allows us to effectively manage the process end-to-end and provide accurate data that ensures operational reliability and drives effective decision-making.

Our integrated technology includes:

  • Hauler geolocation tablet
  • 24/7 customer portal
  • Waste diversion reporting
  • Route optimization tracker

How we work together.

Performance Analytics

Our tracking capabilities allow operations and security teams to anticipate when they will be serviced, and our data analytics consolidates service history in a single system to monitor performance over time, identify gaps and improve service.

Customer Portal

A customized portal includes a snapshot of your entire account including contracted services from the enterprise to the local level; reporting and analytics to provide insights into your waste and sustainability operations; on-demand resources; and financial information including invoices, online payment options, and payment history.

Waste Diversion Reports

We generate detailed waste diversion reports, summarizing what materials were diverted when and where. This data provides valuable insight on a company’s waste habits, and can be used as verifiable evidence to evaluate and promote the effectiveness of sustainability programs.

RTS clearly understood our recycling challenges and waste inefficiencies. By leveraging their technology, we’re in a better position to increase our recycling, reduce hauling costs, and improve our sustainability efforts. Most importantly, RTS gave us the ability to track our waste management activities on one platform and use a standard set of metrics, making it easier to share and report information.

Certified as a force for good.

As a smarter, more waste-conscious service provider, RTS gives companies the tools and training they need to measure and meet their sustainability goals. This is why RTS was named B Corporation Best For the World Environment Honoree.


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