There’s enough food in the system – but it’s not getting to those who need it.

More than 38 million Americans lack reliable access to nutritious meals. Meanwhile, 108 billion pounds of food go uneaten in the U.S. each year – or 40% of the country’s entire food supply.

This food excess then ends up in landfills, contributing to pollution and climate change.

Joining forces to create a more sustainable and equitable food system.

With our partner, Rethink Food, we’re bridging the gap between perfectly good food that goes to waste and the demand for meals that many of our food-insecure neighbors face. Clients will now have the ability to send their excess food to Rethink Food, who transform the scraps into nutritious meals that are distributed across the city to those in need.

Together, we’re helping to divert viable excess food stock in New York City away from landfills – all while providing nutritious meals for the community.

Rethink Certified Sustainability.

Working with restaurants, kitchens, and corporations and using a mix of purchased, donated, and excess food, Rethink Food prepares 8,500 meals a week to food-insecure communities.

Since their founding in 2017, Rethink Food has lived by its mission of creating a more sustainable and equitable food system – and since just April of 2020, the organization has provided over 7 million meals to local communities.

RTS Technology and Leadership.

As a leader in the waste and recycling management industry, we’ve helped hundreds of customers reduce waste and divert materials like food scraps from landfills.

We also know that in an industry where waste is a growing concern, transparency, responsibility, and accountability are key – and we’re thrilled to join Rethink Food as we expand our services while helping our communities.

Our services for food waste + commercial composting include:

  • Food waste collection
  • Food waste recovery + donations
  • Dedicated organics collection dumpsters
  • Waste diversion reporting
  • Education + training

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