We service all types of properties from local businesses to worksites, stadiums, large-scale facilities, and campuses.

All services feature real-time tracking notifications and are backed by a live team of experienced waste professionals. We also collect all types of materials: garbage, recyclables, e-waste, and compost.

Recurring Waste Services

We conduct an in-person analysis of collection needs and design the optimal operations plan, waste diversion strategy, and pickup schedule.

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On-Demand Collection

When you need to remove unplanned waste quickly, we make it easy to schedule a single, on-demand pickup through our app. Pickups are arranged in 24 hours.

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Sustainability Programs

Our LEED-accredited professionals and TRUE Advisors offer on-site support to help businesses improve diversion and reduce overall waste.

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Whether you need it for short- or long-term use, RTS will deliver and service the right type of waste receptacle for your business.

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