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Incentivize and optimize recycling with Cycle.

Reverse Vending Machine & Rewards Platform

Expand your sustainability and engagement with our cutting-edge beverage container recycling experience for stadiums, campuses, and event-locales. Learn why North America’s leading venues are choosing Cycle powered by RTS to amplify their sustainability.

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Catch Cycle at the Big Game

In Partnership with Anheuser-Busch and the National Recycling League to increase fan engagement in recycling at stadiums

At RTS, we celebrate our partnership with Anheuser-Busch to bring our Cycle reverse vending machine to the Super Bowl and provide real-time fan engagement and recycling data for the biggest game in sports.
Gregory Lettieri, Co-Founder + CEO, RTS

Let’s gamify recycling!

RTS’ Cycle experience gives fans the chance to win rewards in exchange for recycling. Our rewards application pairs with our onsite reverse vending machines to offer an engaging and recycling experience that supports the circular economy.

Cycle’s 3 Easy Steps to Engage Fans

1. Insert bottle or can
2. Scan QR code on the screen
3. Get Rewarded

The Cycle machine wrap and recycling rewards software is customizable – and the most user-friendly sustainability engagement platform in the space.

Track and Achieve Sustainability Goals

Each step to reduce waste can make a difference. Cycle’s reports show you how it adds up. Cycle receives, crushes, and sorts empty containers, and its UPC scan allows for zero contamination, meaning its circularity initiatives can be advertised on North America’s biggest stages.

Scale your Sustainability with RTS

With nearly a decade of experience integrating full-service waste management and zero-waste systems into stadiums, arenas, conference centers, universities, and municipalities, RTS supports customers across North America.

See how Cycle can amplify your sustainability and consumer experience.

Learn how RTS can customize your Cycle machine and rewards platform.

Installing the Reverse Vending Machine at Red Rocks brings many of Ball's priorities to life – incentivizing recycling, educating consumers about aluminum's sustainable properties, and driving change through entertainment events.
Emily Fong Mitchell, Ball Aluminum Cups®

Cycle In Action: Case Study

How the Washington Nationals & Cycle transformed stadium sustainability.

The Washington Nationals wanted to engage fans in making greener choices. After just a few games it was clear: Cycle scored a home run for fans and the environment.

Cycle’s Reverse Vending Machine collected hundreds of units during the pilot program that would have otherwise gone to trash, while fans at the game were rewarded with discounts toward their next beverage purchases.

Through Cycle’s engagement platform, the stadium was able to collect valuable information from fans and customers to use in future programs and track towards the stadium’s sustainability goals.

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How does Cycle work? Is there software too?

The Cycle experience includes a reverse vending machine and rewards platform that allows users to be directly rewarded for their recycling. RTS will install a Cycle machine in your space that includes your custom branding. Visitors will recycle their approved containers in the machine, provide their contact information and receive rewards for their recycling. RTS will work with you to choose rewards that engage your community. Rewards typically range from signed sports memorabilia to discounts to local businesses.

Powered by the full RTS team, our sustainable waste management experts work with the customer to understand engagement needs, sustainability goals and opportunities for growth through data monitoring. RTS believes an enhanced consumer recycling experience is crucial to increased recycling network intelligence.

Where is Cycle available?

RTS is proud to service customers across North America and exclusively offer Cycle to our customers.

Cycle understands that each recycling market is different, and in doing so knows that waste management solutions vary by location. Whether you operate in a DRS, EPR, or non-deposit market, RTS’s sustainable waste management experts are here to help.

Does Cycle work with non-stadium clients?

Absolutely! Cycle works with universities, stadiums, and event locales to improve their ecological footprint and incentivize recycling in their ecosystems. We’re always open to explore creative uses for Cycle too!

How do rewards work?

We help you customize rewards that encourage consumer participation. For example, users can obtain signed merchandise from their favorite sports teams or discounts to local businesses.

Do Cycle machines allow for 0% contamination?


What does RVM stand for?

Reverse Vending Machine. A reverse vending machine (RVM) is a machine that allows a person to insert a used or empty glass bottle, plastic bottle, or aluminum can in exchange for a reward.

How does Cycle contribute to the Circular Economy?

We promote a circular economy by further incentivizing users to recycle, which increases the amount of plastics returned into the economy. After bottles are recycled into the Cycle machine, RTS or your hauler transfer the materials to a factory. Then, PET bottles are recycled into flake and pelletized. Finally, a new product such as a new water bottle or sustainable product is created with recycled PET.

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