The Zero Waste Challenge was part of the NYC Mayor’s OneNYC commitment to send zero waste to landfill by 2030. In its inaugural year, 31 businesses across all five boroughs participated to help reduce waste, where RTS client, Whole Foods Market, committed to divert at least 50 percent of its waste from landfill and incineration within five months.

RTS Solution

Compliance Education and Training

RTS’s team of TRUE Advisors worked in partnership with back of the house teams on site to integrate solutions that would allow for optimal waste stream sorting, such as signage, compliance requirements and bin placement.

Diversion Reporting

Since diversion tracking was an essential part of the challenge, RTS’s tracking system was able to confirm recyclables and organics reached the proper facilities and report on diversion efforts. RTS also provided insight when material streams may have been contaminated to improve internal processes to increase diversion.

On-Demand Support

In addition to scheduled services, RTS provided on-demand pickups for unanticipated material that had an opportunity to be recycled and further diversion efforts.


Diversion Rate

Increased the diversion rate by nearly 10 percent, getting Whole Foods to more than 50 percent diversion.

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