What really happens to a PLA cup once you’re done with it?


PLA cup put in compost collection bin, bin's contents brought to compost facility, PLA cup is removed from other contamination and sent to landfill


While you may think you are doing the right thing, the waste may not end up in the right place. Why?


  • PLA leads to lower quality compost
  • PLA takes longer to break down than food + yard waste
  • PLA is difficult to distinguish from non-biodegradable plastics. It is better for composters to remove all plastics than to accidentally include non-compostable plastics with PLA.




Steps you can take to make sure your efforts are met with success:


Use reusable alternative containers, find out if your composting facility accepts PLA


*If your composting facility won’t accept it, there is no reason to use it.



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