We care deeply for the partnerships we have with our haulers and clients, and we also understand this is a very difficult time for businesses, institutions, and communities.

RTS’s priority is the well-being of its staff and hauler constituents. With the increasingly unpredictable nature of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and with caution in dealing with the growing outbreak, we want to ensure our partners that our team will continue to deliver the highest quality service.

Without effective waste management services operating as close to normal as possible, there are concerns that other health issues may arise from unprocessed waste left uncollected. To help avoid this kind of situation, we are taking all measures to protect our workers and to ensure the industry can continue to be effective.

Much of the general guidance for businesses and waste management personnel follows the same pattern as that given to the general public. When dealing with any waste, the usual precautions should be taken, these include:

  • Wearing gloves when handling any type of waste
  • Washing hands with hot water and soap after handling waste or containers
  • Disinfecting surfaces and other areas used to hold waste
  • Disposing of waste quickly and effectively in the correct containers
  • Disposing of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the correct containers (only grossly contaminated PPE should be classed as medical waste)

As more people are required to stay home and as businesses adjust to supply demands or temporary closures, waste management needs are likely to change quickly. We will continue to advise our clients and the general community that carefully and correctly disposing of all types of waste remains important.

We recognize these are unsettling times and we are here to provide our guidance, support and continued commitment to service. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.