With nearly 1 million extra tons of garbage per week going to landfill between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, consider options to reduce waste and increase waste diversion during this time of year. We’ve compiled a list of the most common holiday items and tips on how to prevent them from ending up in the waste stream.

Give composting a try

Holiday feasts are major food waste creating culprits! Consider freezing any food waste from your holiday meals or bring it to a local composting drop-off location. If you have an abundance of food you weren’t able to cook, check in with your local food pantry to see if they could use it there.


One person’s trash is another’s treasure

If you are tired of your old decorations, there is someone out there that will likely love them. Think about hosting a virtual or small White Elephant Party or gift exchange. Bonus, you don’t have to spend money on another gift! You might also consider posting your décor in an online market, like Facebook Marketplace or Letgo, for used goods.


Sorting waste properly at home

Many of us are working from home these days which means we’re generating more waste there. Be sure to follow best practices when sorting your waste materials so they can be recycled. If you are unsure how your waste should be separated, check in with your local municipality to ask how recyclables should be sorted.


Skip out on seasonal landfilling

Compost seasonal landscaping like fresh greenery and trees (see our guide to sustainable tree options) or participate in a ‘mulchfest’ near you. Check-in with your local municipality to find out how and where to safely dispose of string lights or batteries. Avoid throwing these waste items into your trash, as they contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment and need to be recycled appropriately.


Go reusable with gifting

Gift reusable products such as mugs, water bottles, and bags that eliminate the need for single-use plastic and encourages employees, friends, and family to swap out disposables while giving back to the planet too.




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