We love the holiday season but we’re not crazy about the waste that comes with it. During the holiday season, Americans will spend nearly $1,000 each on gifts, décor, food, etcWith all those purchases comes waste that can be avoided. 

Here are some ways you can cut back on waste without comprising holiday cheer.  

Holiday Decor

Most agree, seeing beautiful decorations inside and out really makes the season special. Rather than purchasing decorations that may go to waste following the holiday season, consider trying décor that is more natural this year. Even better, while you‘re at home, get creative and DIY your holiday decorations with loved ones.  

Get inspired by these ideas: 

Natural Ornaments

Go outside and what do you see? Maybe pinecones, twigs, berries, and acorns? Collect what’s around you and get to crafting some unique ornaments to decorate your home or tree.

Cranberry Pinecone Ornaments

Garland is one of our favorite decorations for the home inside and out to add festive cheer. Here are some DIY ideas to make a natural garland to use now and compost later.

Floating Candle Décor 

We love floating candles, especially when you throw in nature’s holiday colors. Grab some tea candles and empty jars to get started on this glowing piece. Fill the jar with elements such as pine and cranberries. Add water and top with a tea candle. Light up the candle, and let the festivity fill your home.

Pinecone Centerpiece 

Use your favorite decorative bowl to fill with pinecones. Voila! You have a centerpiece that will give you a cozy holiday feel.

Toilet Paper Roll Ornament

If you’re looking to turn trash from your home into treasure, we have the perfect idea for you. Toilet paper roll ornaments! We love these ornaments from Oh Oh Deco and we think your kids (and those who are a kid at heart) will enjoy making them as well.  

Gift Wrapping

We know that glittery, shiny wrapping paper is very tempting but let’s try something new this year! Instead of purchasing wrapping paper that will be thrown away as quickly as it is ripped open, why not try some of the following options. 

Regift the Gift Wrap 

This idea is simple but impactful. Save the bags and wrapping paper from the gifts you received and reuse them. Encourage your gift recipient to do the same! 

Upcycle your Waste 

You likely have some paper waste at home that could be used again before hitting the recycling bin. At the very least, this form of wrapping will be sure to start a conversation with the recipient of the gift. Here are some ideas for what you might use around the house. 

  • Kids’ art projects
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Computer paper
  • Brochures
  • Take out menus
  • Paper maps
  • Delivery boxes
  • Paper grocery bags
  • Mason jars

Reusable Wrapping 

A gift wrapping a gift. Why not wrap the gift you’re giving with a gift or something that is reusable 

  • Reusable boxes that can be used for storage and decoration
  • Canvas tote bags
  • Bandanas or handkerchiefs

Cloth Wrapping

  • The Japanese Furoshiki Style of gift wrapping has been gaining popularity. Through this method, you can wrap your gifts in beautiful decorative textile materials! Try making your own using old linens or clothing. If you’re DIY’d out, support a local artist that will make them for you or call up a local gift shop to see if they can help.

Reduce Food Waste

Unfortunately, around 70 billion lbs of food is wasted each year. Do what you can to reduce food waste from the start by planning and cutting back on ingredients if you’re having a small gathering this year. Think about volunteering or donating to a local food bank near you. If you have leftovers that you are absolutely going to eat, put it in the freezer to make it last longer. For everything else that can’t be saved, look to your town or city to see if there are any food waste drop off sites near you.  

Here are some composting drop off sites you might consider if you’re in the following areas.

Mulch Fest  

Mulch Fests are a great option for getting rid of your Christmas Tree after the holidays. The smell of the ground up pine is our absolute favorite! Check with your local city or municipality to find out where you can bring your tree. When you go, make sure you bring home a bag of mulch to use as a natural fertilizer in your garden or place it inside a bowl in your home to maintain that pine needle scent in the post-holiday season.  

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