Residential sanitation workers on the front line

Did you know that like medical professionals and first responders, your waste and recycling haulers – along with landfill operators and recycling sorters – are considered essential employees in most places? While commercial waste and recycling has decreased in recent weeks as more people stay at home, residential waste and recycling volumes continue to increase. Sanitation workers are on the front lines ensuring trash does not become an additional source of virus transmission, ensuring your streets and alleys are sanitary.


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Improving recycling habits at home

With more time being spent at home, personal waste and recycling habits are more important than ever. The shift to more online shopping, more cooking, and even more home decluttering are increasing residential waste. A sustainable home and community can be achieved by taking a few simple steps. Recycling service providers, neighbors, city officials, and the environment will thank you!




*These men and women are considered essential employees and continue to work to provide service in a dangerous industry, even in times of crisis.


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