WeWork is a nationally located, co-working office space company with diverse waste removal needs. Typical collections range from bulk material, such as furniture and e-waste, to more traditional paper and plastic recycling. Due to the shifting requirements of tenant occupancy, the company was frequently hauling bulk material on its own, which took time and resources to manage the operations and logistics.

RTS Solution

On-Demand Removal

Using the on-demand capabilities of the RTS app, WeWork’s operations team promptly requested services for bulk removals, which eliminated the need to self-manage their hauling.

The app enabled WeWork to send photos of materials to be discarded. This allowed RTS to determine the necessary equipment to service the request and to identify opportunities to donate items for re-use, instead of hauling them to a landfill. RTS’s sophisticated tracking capabilities and network of trucks made it possible to simultaneously coordinate pick ups at multiple locations in the same geographic area.

Streamlined Reporting

Since waste removal needs spanned the company’s locations, RTS provided a single point of contact for service requests and consolidated each location’s invoice into one accounting statement for simpler and more effective communication.

On-Site Consulting

WeWork’s unique focus on creating fun, forward-thinking and communal work spaces provided an opportunity to advance sustainable practices across its locations. RTS partnered with building operations teams to offer employee and customer training on recycling best practices. RTS also initiated a composting pilot at the company’s New York headquarters to help it achieve compliance with new recycling laws and standardize programs across its portfolio of locations.

We have seen RTS build a game-changing product and grow its team into multiple WeWork locations over the last year or two. In addition to RTS being a WeWork member, we also use the RTS app, which has changed the way we approach our recycling and waste needs. We look forward to continuing our partnership with RTS and providing our community platform for them to innovate and drive necessary change in their industry.
– VP of Building Operations


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