One of the largest city hospitals in the United States – with campuses in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn – was looking for ways to improve its waste management approach. Their primary goals were to be more operationally effective and develop a new regimen to advance recycling initiatives.

RTS Solution

Recycling Pilot Programs

RTS engaged with on-site staff to evaluate recycling programs, including blue-wrap recycling, plastic film recycling and waste diversion. As part of the evaluation, RTS also defined sustainability reporting metrics to save employees’ time on program data entry and analysis. Once programs were refined, RTS developed and executed a pilot roll-out plan to ensure designated staff were trained and recycling was monitored to measure success.

Simplify Resourcing Requirements

Due to the expansive campus, the RTS mobile app notification significantly reduced the amount of time operations spent verifying contracted services were performed. In addition, RTS provided consolidated reporting and billing services, which eliminated challenges the team previously faced in gathering service documentation from multiple vendors.

Equipment and Maintenance Evaluation

RTS identified multiple waste containers and compactors that could be repaired, thus extending the life of existing equipment. As a result, maintenance schedules were updated, and the team avoided purchasing costly new equipment.


Process Efficiency

Real-time verification of waste and recycling removal saved nearly 400 hours of manual processing, annually.

Equipment Savings

Extended life of equipment by two years, achieving a cost deferral of $3,000 annually.

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