Includes key concepts for businesses to follow heading into 2020 + new recycling trends

January 10, 2020, New York, NY—Recycle Track Systems (RTS) released, “The State of Recycling Today: 2020 Recycling Trends and Beyond,” a report that details key concepts and best practices for businesses in the coming year. The report also provides a larger, big-picture view of recycling today.

The report outlines several notable trends in the sustainability space, including: the true impact of specific everyday products in the recycling chain, breakdowns of the most common types of waste and the positive effects of new recycling technology. The report reviews the latest recycling legislation across the country. It also details the many ways business leaders can improve corporate sustainability efforts.

“At RTS, we understand and address the challenges of recycling and trash every day. We set ourselves apart by helping companies incorporate sustainability into their daily routines, and transparency into their waste operations,” said RTS Co-Founder and CEO Greg Lettieri. “Aside from putting innovative, pragmatic best practices into action, we want to help people learn to use less in the first place. This diverts waste from the landfill, which is imperative as we continue to build toward a more sustainable environment.”

The full report can read here.

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