Zero waste innovation company will work with partner organizations
to create official standard for reducing waste impact


New York, New York – December 2021 – Recycle Track Systems, Inc. (RTS), a leader in the waste and recycling management industry, today announced they have been added as early members of the SWEEP Standard – a new US-based voluntary environmental performance standard for municipal waste programs. In their role as an early member of SWEEP, RTS will work with additional companies, municipalities, and nonprofit organizations to certify organizations in their commitment to creating a more sustainable waste management and reduction system.

SWEEP Certification – created by LEED certification co-founder Rob Watson – was established to set a more actionable path towards sustainable waste management and reduction. SWEEP recognition is centered around highlighting businesses and municipalities which take a sustainable approach to how waste is prevented, collected, tracked and measured, and ultimately recycled. As with the LEED accreditation system, those who choose to work with the SWEEP protocols are given credits for each of the above categories based on the specific measurable and verifiable actions they can take.

“Being brought in on the ground floor to assist in building out the SWEEP certification is a welcome piece of recognition for our work to promote more sustainable practices within the municipalities and companies we partner with,” said Greg Lettieri, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of RTS. “We remain committed to optimizing the way waste is collected and recycled while presenting real solutions that can reduce the amount and impact of waste we produce every day. Thank you to SWEEP for bringing us on as a partner. Together, we look forward to standardizing sustainable waste management throughout the country.”

In 2018, The US generated 292.4 million tons of municipal solid waste, which equates to around 4.9 pounds per person per day. It’s estimated that as little as 35% of the MSW produced in the US is recycled, and recycling can only do so much to reduce the impact of generated waste on the environment. Many champions of sustainable waste management are now calling for a shift to waste reduction practices in addition to promoting sustainable waste collection and recycling. The SWEEP certification serves as one of the first standardized definitions for what sustainable waste management means across the US, while also helping local municipalities, as well as private companies, take measurable and verifiable steps towards improving their waste management processes.

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