Recycle Track Systems Launches Recycling and Waste Technology Pickup Service That Brings Efficiency and Accountability to the Waste Industry

Recycle Track Systems, a waste and recycling technology company headquartered in New York City, empowers customers and waste haulers by providing real time data, IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity, and accountability that increases efficiency and insight into waste and recycling service pickups.

RTS provides seamless end to end service experience for customers and haulers focusing on:

  • Notifications upon waste trucks appearing on location, and verification of the pickup being completed.
  • RTS virtual fleet of haulers benefit from the RTS portal, providing them with access to new revenue streams.
  • Digital LEED reporting and environmental impact data.
  • On-Site sustainability training and education for customers.

“The large waste companies have demonstrated a lack of accountability in waste and recycling pickups that affects the productivity of customers, haulers, and local traffic patterns,” said Adam Pasquale, Co-Founder and COO of RTS. “RTS brings a new approach, fueled by our technology and valued virtual fleet of haulers. Our mission is fixing chronic service issues plaguing the waste management and recycling industry that will ultimately help our customers, haulers and the environment.”

RTS clients already include national retail brands, such as Whole Foods Market in New York City, construction projects, commercial real estate buildings, restaurants, event spaces, and governmental sites.

“Whole Foods Market is excited to work with RTS to incorporate this innovative technology into our process for organics and waste diversion,” said Kylie Sale, Whole Foods’ NE regional Green Mission Specialist. “With its tracking capabilities, the RTS platform provides us flexibility, while streamlining our processes to assist in reducing store and community impact of our waste removal, helping us further our Green Mission here in New York City.”

“The waste industry has now finally entered the digital age of disruption. Lowering the cost of service turnaround time, providing validation for recycling initiatives, and automated logistic management, are some of the key benefits our customers and haulers experience on a daily basis. RTS is at the forefront of helping the waste management industry usher in IoT capabilities,” said Greg Lettieri, Co-Founder and CEO of RTS. “This year we anticipate rolling out a host of new service offerings, and tools for our customers and haulers. Our goal is to create a national system in which customers and haulers have transparent eyes and ears on the waste supply line.”

About Recycle Track Systems

Recycle Track Systems (RTS) has ushered in a new era for waste and recycling solutions through the use of data analytics and technology service offerings. RTS proprietary tracking system empowers both customers and waste haulers by providing real time data and accountability that increases efficiency and insight into waste and recycling service pickups. Headquartered in New York City, Recycle Track Systems team of data scientists, waste experts, and technologists remove inefficiencies in the waste management and recycling chain, creating an enhanced experience for customers and haulers.