New York City-based Recycle Track Systems (RTS) is continuing on its path for growth with recent expansion into the Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., metropolitan markets.

RTS provides end-to-end services for customers and haulers. It works by sending notifications of waste trucks on location and verifying completion of pickups. It also includes a portal for generators providing access to analysis of new revenue streams, digital LEED reporting and environmental impact data and onsite sustainability training and education for customers. For haulers, onboard tablets help with routing.

“RTS has found remarkable success with our clients who ultimately want help maximizing their waste diversion, or are simply required to by state or local regulations. All services are based on the singular goal to increase diversion from a landfill,” says RTS CEO Gregory Lettieri.

In conjunction with the expansion, RTS is developing and investing in new technologies and forming relationships with partners including farms, haulers and waste management facilities. RTS has partnered with WeWork in New York, a global network of rented workspaces, and indoor cycling fitness chain SoulCycle in both Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. In addition, RTS will provide waste and recycling technology services to 401 North Broad Street in Philadelphia.

“More and more cities and businesses across the country are rethinking their waste management efforts and making recycling a priority. The same determined attempt is happening in Philadelphia and Washington, which is following New York’s recent zero waste push,” says Lettieri. “This is a trend we’re observing as more municipalities enact new laws regarding recycling.”

RTS supports WeWork and SoulCycle by having a dedicated truck for on-demand service, available through its mobile application, and helps them dispose and recycle bulk waste in the form of broken desks, chairs and other materials.

According to Zvika Shahar, vice president of operations for WeWork based in New York, the RTS application has changed the way WeWork disposes, recycles or reuses the company’s waste and recycling material.

“The app allows us to digitally select items and confirms they were picked up or donated, making the waste removal process streamlined and easy while making sure we are following our corporate sustainability guidelines,” says Shahar.

RTS’s on-demand customer mobile application allows the client to place an order for a container or the need for extra material removal. The action is similar to ordering food or car service.

“The second component is our proprietary tracking devices—similar to a GPS—placed inside our fleet of haulers that allows our team to communicate with the drivers and customers,” he says. “We’re able to analyze the data and get accurate, real time accountability to better understand exactly what item or container was picked up.”

Additionally, RTS provides both WeWork and SoulCycle with consolidated billing and a single point of contact for all waste disposal services.

In Philadelphia, 401 North Broad Street, a 1.3-million-sq.-ft. office building, posed some waste management issues. Two trucks per day are dispatched to the building to integrate waste removal services within its operations while supporting its recycling program.

RTS’s technology will provide transparency and visibility to the waste removal process, says Lettieri.

“Our customers will know exactly when their truck arrives and be able to track the recycling material to the appropriate facilities. In addition, and most important, RTS’ broad industry experience will help resolve logistical recycling challenges and apply cost efficient solutions in the waste removal process,” he says.

-Megan Greenwalt | Waste360