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Together, we’ve got it covered.

The goal of the New York Commercial Waste Zones bill is to create a consolidated approach to waste management, prioritizing sustainability and service. RTS will be pursuing contracts and is looking to partner with haulers across the zones.

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A Hauler’s Perspective

We are doing all that we can to continue to protect our drivers.

Benefits to Working with RTS


Together, we’ve got it covered.


Operational Efficacy


Customer Acquisition


On-Time Payment


Cost Savings



Through our partnership, RTS interfaces with the client so you can optimize your pick-ups.





  • Our technology provides the ability to track trucks and effectively manage T&D
  • Our in-truck technology makes it simple for drivers to manage, document, and communicate pick-ups (Block, Miss, New, Credit Hold, Chronic Issue Stops, & On Demand Extras)
  • We also provide and manage all the equipment, from dumpsters to totes, compactors and specialized containers.




  • All account interactions and development managed by RTS
  • We handle customer service, billing and requests
  • We provide a competitive advantage with offers such as sustainability education and reporting




  • RTS pays haulers first — timely payment is essential in our partnership
  • And, transfer stations can expect to be paid weekly
  • Our route efficiency creates better margins, by…[insert the how]




  • We survey and price sites, resulting in less time and resources needed for sales, administration and collections departments
  • Our on-time payment means haulers don’t have to use capital to pay transfer stations in advance




Have questions about our hauler partnership? The most common are listed below. If we aren’t providing an answer you need, please contact us.


Are you partnering with haulers outside your existing markets?

Yes. We are constantly expanding into new markets and interested in exploring new partnerships. Please fill out the form to talk with us about the possibility of partnering in your city or community.

Does your technology optimize our pickup routes?

Our technology was designed to make sure your routes are efficient and making the least amount of environmental impact. Additionally, our in-truck technology makes it simple for drivers to manage, document, and communicate pick-ups (blocks, misses, new, credit holds, chronic issue stops, on demand extras, and much more).

Will you serve as the point of contact for our clients?

No more dealing with customer service, billing, or requests – we will serve as the client’s single point of contact so you can focus on the day-to-day.