Join Greg Lettieri, Co-founder & CEO of Recycle Track Systems (RTS) to hear about:

  • How RTS is leveraging technology to help organizations manage waste more effectively
  • The importance of education in waste management
  • What we can do to make sure food waste can be recycled effectively
  • How RTS tracks waste to create transparency in the recycling chain
  • The entire sustainability management ecosystem behind RTS’s business model
  • Why the process of recycling is localized and the problems this can cause
  • The need for recycling to make financial sense and the fluctuating costs of recycling
  • Why it’s key to adapt your knowledge on sustainable practices to convey the benefits to others
  • How RTS’s technology is helping smaller waste management companies grow their businesses
  • Why Fortune 500 companies and bigger organizations in cities are getting behind RTS’s approach to waste
  • The real thirst for sustainable practices within big business and how they are looking to do and be better
  • How the B-Corporation certification process helped RTS decide how to build their company

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