“It is an honor B Corp has recognized RTS as Best for Environment which is a reflection of our team’s relentless dedication and determined commitment to develop innovative waste management solutions. This shared mission drives us every day to make a positive influence in all we do and hope this recognition will encourage others to do even more to protect the environment.”

– Adam Pasquale, RTS Co-Founder and COO

Back in 2017, RTS was the proud recipient of B-Corp Certification, an award that acknowledged our forward thinking, environmentally focused business practices and company values. However, this award was not received by chance, and since RTS opened its doors in 2015, B-Corp certification was among the aspirational goals we had set ourselves—a marker of how we wished to do business and change the face of the waste management industry.

In 2018, we were honored as Best for Environment by the nonprofit B Lab, an award given to companies in the top 10% within the B-Corp Environment category. As a company, we have worked hard for this type of recognition, and we believe that B-Corp Certification is one way we are able to make a positive impact on the world around us.

Put simply, B-Corp is much more than another industry accolade designed to award executives for another year of profitability, it is in fact a tangible framework to help companies make a real difference. Here then, we take a look at why RTS decided to embrace B-Corp status and what it means to us.

What is a B-Corp?

Social and environmental performance are the core tenets of B-Corp certified companies; however, public transparency and legal accountability also play a large part in a movement towards business that balance purpose and profit. As part of a rigorous assessment process, companies must prove that they consider the impact of their business practices and decision making at all levels. This includes decisions that may affect workers, customers, suppliers, the local community and the wider environment. B-Corp certification then, is not just about creating a better world for customers or reducing environmental damage, but about building better businesses as a force for good across a range of areas.

Impact Areas Score

  • Governance (including corporate accountability): 12.2
  • Workers (including wages, benefits, and education): 27.2
  • Community (including job creation, diversity, and civic engagement): 26.2
  • Environment (including resource conservation): 38.0

Considering the nature of our business, it is no surprise that our strongest area is the Environment category. However, as a dedicated B-Corp member, we are constantly striving to improve all aspects of the way we operate, using profit and growth as a means to build a company that makes a truly positive impact on both local and national scale. Certified B-Corp companies are contractually bound by the certification. The B-Corp framework requires a commitment to making structural changes that legally require management to consider that impact of its decisions on society and the environment. This means that, for companies committed to B-Corp ideals, the future is secured.

Why Did We Decide to Become B-Corp Certified?

“Being a Certified B Corporation provides the guidance, focus and connections to achieve our goal of a sustainable future for generations to come.”

– Greg Lettieri, Co-Founder and CEO

The driving force behind the creation of RTS was a vision of better waste management systems that champion superior services, new technology, and increased sustainability. In truth, B-Corp certification was made for RTS, helping us to achieve our goals and constantly improve our services. Our wish to make a positive environmental impact, alongside our commitment to the local communities in which we operate, helps us to continuously strive for a better world. We see business as a force for good, and B-Corp certification helps us to keep these goals in our sights.

B-Corp aims to bring together leaders in the charge for a new and fairer economy—an economy that respects both the environment and those who work for it. RTS is committed to the same principles and we hope, in our own small way, we can contribute to a better world for all.

Celebrating our B Corp partners


“In 2015, we became a Certified B Corporation, joining like-minded companies in committing to doing business differently. The B Corporation Certification verifies that we are achieving higher standards in the garment industry, addressing paramount environmental concerns and the social well-being of the workers that make our garments every day. We have found our partnership with B Corporation incredibly beneficial to advance ethical business practices.”

– Amy Hall, Vice President of Social Consciousness at EILEEN FISHER


“Being B Corporation really makes you think about how you’re implementing standards and practices both internally and externally. In working with RTS as a fellow B Corp, we know we are truly aligned which gives us even more opportunity to collectively use our businesses as a force for good.”

– John Kirsch, Co-founder and Partner at 4TH BIN

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