B Corp month brings together businesses and consumers to move sustainable changes forward.

It is an opportunity to start a conversation, to engage with customers, and to highlight the many ways B Corps are using business as a force for good.

As a proud B Corp, RTS is excited to celebrate B Corp month in 2020, and we’ve got the information you need to be the change you want to see in the world. Whether you’re an aspiring B Corp or a conscientious consumer, read on to see how you can make a difference this month and beyond.

What exactly is B Corp Month 2020?

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B Corp month is meant to be a chance for the global community to communicate and collaborate, to build awareness of both local and global sustainability issues, and to educate consumers on how they can make informed decisions through choice. B Corp encourages businesses to share success stories and future plans, to build new partnerships and foster increased understanding, and to showcase how the B Corp certificate is pushing them to do better.

Through both the Vote Every Day and Choose to B campaigns, businesses can reach out and engage with consumers, while consumers are urged to engage back to create a dialogue that allows everyone to work effectively towards the same goals. Here, we explain the two main pillars of B Corp Month and how they are informing both businesses and consumers alike.


Vote Every Day

Voting Every Day means using your dollar as your ballot. By choosing to leverage your purchasing power conscientiously, you can encourage businesses to act more sustainably. Whether you’re a consumer shopping for eco-fashion or a business sourcing zero waste packaging, your dollar is real power.

In fact, it is your everyday choices that drive the economy, and subsequently, the types of products and services that are available to us. By making a concerted effort on an individual, business, community, and national level, everyone has the power to drive change for the better.

Choose to B

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Change starts with individuals, but soon spreads into businesses. The #choosetoB message offers the possibility for everyone to be a real changemaker, engaging people around you to accelerate the sustainability movement. You can start small and refuse single-use plastics or think big and reach out to your local community to implement neighborhood-wide recycling or street-cleaning programs. Whatever kind of change you decide to make, as a business or an individual, action breeds action!

RTS believes businesses can be a force for good, and we choose to provide responsible and sustainable services to all of our clients, while helping employers, employees, individuals and local communities learn more about effective waste management and recycling. Our world is truly interconnected, and even the smallest change can make a big difference as we move towards a more sustainable planet.

B Corps we love

It wouldn’t be a celebration without a little recognition. B Corp month is all about acknowledging those who are already driving change, and while we believe that every B Corp has something to offer the planet, here are some of our favorites:




Fellow New Yorkers Catchafire matches up nonprofits and social enterprises with professionals looking to volunteer their skills and experience. Through comprehensive project guidance, the company helps organizations identify their needs and then pairs them up with individuals who have time to commit to the cause. Catchafire believes that top talents should be available to organizations that don’t necessarily have the resources to hire them, while also ensuring professionals are transformed by positive volunteer experiences.


The Road Less Traveled

Positioned as a powerful and effective voice for change, The Road Less Travelled advocates the “Do No Harm” concept of social and environmental travel. This Chicago-based B Corp introduces tourists and travelers to some of the world’s most iconic and arresting destinations, while working with communities to make the tourism industry sustainable for everyone.



She Geeks Out

This Boston-based community-building B-Corp aims to bring together like-minded women from all walks of life through events, networking, and education. By upholding gender diversity and helping individuals to develop the talents and skills required to drive organizational transformations, She Geeks Out encourages women everywhere to make real change.





Specializing in building environmentally sensitive gardens using native plants, this Philadelphia-based B-Corp is all about sustainable landscaping. Voted among the best B-Corps for workers in both 2017 and 2018, Naturescapes helps both homeowners and business create well-designed, low maintenance gardens that are well balanced with the natural world and local eco systems.

For more information on how RTS is committed to change and how we are pushing the B-Corp message forward, stay tuned to the blog or engage with us on our social channels.

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