We recently spoke with CleanRiver Solutions about how offices can pick the right waste receptacles for their space. Whether you represent a large business, small business or university, the importance of choosing the right waste strategy is crucial to business operations. However, this begs the question: What kind of features should we be considering when choosing our waste and recycling receptacles? Here are five:

1. Easy Updates

Refresh your program by regularly updating your bin graphics to reflect changes in your stream collection.

2. Simple Stream Identification

Help people recycle effectively by clearly communicating what belongs in each stream.

3. Consistent Visual Standards

Develop consistent visual standards with key colors and opening shapes so people can quickly learn how to recycle properly.

4. Optional Branding

Brand your bins with your logo and promote your corporate sustainability programs.

5. Promote Program Success

Motivate people to recycle by communicating your program’s goals and letting them know how they’re contributing to the success of the program.

Tune in to our webinar to hear an in-depth interview with CleanRiver Recycling Solutions on the importance of choosing the right bin for a business or facility, the information a business needs to gather when selecting the right bins for their space, and case studies on successful implementations.

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