Building better solutions for the management of food waste in DC

RTS provides responsive and accountable solutions to streamline the management of food waste in the DC area. Through our fleet of digitally connected haulers, recurring services are made simple and convenient.


Here at RTS, we are committed to helping your business find better ways to manage food waste while successfully navigating local and national regulation.

Efficiently managing food waste and reducing the amount that is sent to landfill is of vital importance for anyone operating within relevant industries. Through composting and food donation programs, businesses can effectively develop robust strategies that divert organics away from landfill, not only benefiting the environment but also helping to increase well-being for both customers and employees.
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We believe there’s a better way to manage food waste in Washington DC, and by providing timely notifications of collections alongside comprehensive waste diversion metrics, your business can more easily plan and refine your waste management operations.

Our team is available to work with you to increase awareness and reduce food waste contamination at the source. Contact RTS today to discuss your requirements.

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We believe there is a smarter way to manage e-waste in Washington DC.

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