Streamlining the management of commercial food waste in Chicago

RTS provides responsive and accountable solutions that can be tailored to your specific operations.


For businesses that generate food waste, reducing the amount of organic produce that goes to landfill is important.

Composting and well-managed food donations allow businesses to achieve large reductions of food waste in Chicago — helping to improve recycling rates for organics. We also help businesses understand and navigate local regulations regarding the proper handling of food waste. 
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We are committed to providing smarter solutions for the management of food waste in Chicago.

The RTS team is on hand to help your business better understand its environmental impact.

Timely notifications of collections are provided so you can efficiently organize your team for loading, and our comprehensive diversion metrics help you track your waste to the facilities that process food waste across Chicago.

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We believe there is a smarter way to manage e-waste in Chicago.

Contact our LEED-accredited team today to discuss your requirements and learn how to implement best practices for your food waste management operations.

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