Building more efficient systems for the management of e-waste in Chicago

RTS digitally connects electronics recycling services to your business – helping you streamline your e-waste management operations.

Improving e-waste recycling in Chicago is important for businesses of all types.

As digital transformation picks up speed, the number of broken or obsolete devices will continue to rise. In order to ensure these devices do not end up in landfill, businesses require robust strategies for the management and collection of e-waste.
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We are committed to providing transparent and accountable services that allow you to improve your recycling efforts.

Our solutions for managing electronic waste in Chicago include on-demand collections, timely notifications and insightful waste diversion metrics to help you monitor and refine your operations. Additionally, our LEED-accredited team is on hand to advise you on local regulations and best practices for all types of waste management.

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We believe there is a smarter way to manage e-waste in Chicago.

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