A Major League Baseball park was holding the annual MLB All-Star Game and had 22,000 pounds of e-waste material, including 20 palettes of television monitors, taking up several hundred square feet of space needed to properly host the three-day event. The stadium required a service that could collect and divert the waste on short notice and in accordance with their high environmental and sustainability standards.

RTS Solution

On-Demand E-Waste Recycling

RTS leveraged its on-demand capabilities to quickly respond to the bulk-quantity of e-waste so stadium operations could remain focused on preparing for the event. Due to the large volume of e-waste, special considerations had to be made. RTS assigned a dedicated sustainability consultant to ensure the large volume and dynamic environment of the project would be successfully managed. Through their network of recycling partners, RTS connected with a local provider and, within 48 hours, had a pickup plan in place to meet the aggressive deadline.

Sustainability Services

The ballpark and RTS’s commitment to sustainable waste diversion required a solution that would avoid landfill. RTS worked with stadium operations to evaluate the types of e-waste material and ensure recycling efforts met compliance standards and zero waste goals. Once delivery was confirmed, a Certificate of Recycling was provided as proof that the stadium was EPA compliant.

Data Analysis & Reporting

The RTS technology platform gave the ballpark and their operations staff transparency throughout the entire process, which streamlined the logistics of the collection and reported real-time delivery of the materials to the recycling facility. Waste diversion reports were then generated, showing improved sustainability metrics in accordance with the ballpark’s environmental goals.

RTS Solution

Optimize Route Logistics

RTS established real-time communications between its drivers and the building operations team, which removed guess work around truck arrival and delivery completion times. Confirmation of truck arrival gave on-site staff early notification to clear the dock space and prepare materials for removal, allowing the driver and the on-site staff to reduce pickup times. Over time, routing optimization resulted in better allocation of resources and more effective staffing plans.

Consolidate and Measure Recycling Data

RTS software provided historical waste collection data, giving operations accurate information and new insight into what material was being removed and where it was being delivered. This process ultimately increased efficiency in the building’s waste and recycling streams and eliminated unwarranted service pickups.

Customize Sorting Options

To simplify the process for collecting organic materials, RTS provided specific containers for food waste and dispatched trucks dedicated to organic waste removal. Based upon RTS relationships with best practice partners, including local area haulers, recycling facilities and organics waste processing facilities, food waste was diverted away from landfills and sent to appropriate facilities.


E-Waste Recycling Compliance

11.4 tons of e-waste diverted from landfill.

Operational Responsiveness

The dynamics of such a large event demanded a timeline reduction of nearly 30% to complete the project. RTS’s integrated services met the requirements giving much needed space back to operations for the All-Star Game festivities.