In early March, COVID-19 began to impact the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area and residential trash and recycling tonnage increased by nearly 20 percent as a result of people working from home. This included RTS partner, Mendham Township in New Jersey.

Additionally, Mendham Township required its trash and recycling provider to run a labeling program, whereby residents purchase stickers to place on their trash bags. Traditionally, stickers were only available at a local store, but social distancing guidelines made purchasing stickers difficult.

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With the increase in residential waste and recycling volumes, RTS quickly mobilized to re-optimize truck routes and add additional routes at no charge to ensure full coverage and that the community remained clean and safe. A full staff remained throughout the crisis for hauler and resident safety while aligning with township officials every step of the way.

As an extra precaution, RTS created an online ordering system for stickers, allowing residents to continue to observe stay-at-home mandates. Due to USPS delays, RTS also offered residents at-home sticker delivery.

All the while, our dedicated online portal for Mendham Township, originally created for residents to view waste and recycling information, continued to provide up-to-date notices to ensure quick and easy access to information regarding trash collection.

My town is a new customer. I live on a state highway at the top of a blind knoll. For years I have tried to get our town’s contracted haulers to put my barrels behind my split rail fence so they don’t roll out onto the highway and cause an accident but to no avail! Your haulers (both garbage and recycling) without request, have put the barrels back behind my fence WITH the tops on since you took over 1/1/2020!! Thank you to RTS for [partnering with] caring haulers!
– Homeowner, Mendham, NJ


Continued Operational Success during COVID-19 Crisis.

Customized Portal

Mendham Township’s online portal provided up-to-date notices to ensure quick and easy access to information regarding trash collection.

Safety Protocols

Truck routes were re-optimized and added to ensure full coverage and to keep the community safe and clean.

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