An 800-room luxury hotel known for its commitment to customer service needed a more efficient collection process that adhered to strict service policies and helped staff maintain focus on the front of the house.

RTS Solution

Optimize Loading Times

RTS technology streamlined the waste removal process by alerting hotel stewards with automatic email and text notifications, giving them ample time to bring garbage or recyclables to the loading dock. RTS mobile notifications also confirmed when the truck arrived on-site, so the security team was prepared to verify RTS staff and minimize downtime.

Value-added Waste Collection Plan

In order to handle unique collection requests while maximizing opportunities to recycle, RTS developed a tailored strategy to account for two specific types of pickups: bulk material (furniture, mattresses, chairs, etc.), and organics.

RTS conducted a detailed waste profile to optimize the removal process and pricing structure, followed by a recommended training and rollout plan. The new plan created a more focused and productive collection process, diverting more organic materials than ever before. Pleased with these immediate results, the client looked to adopt RTS services for other properties throughout their portfolio.


Time-saving Collection Process

RTS notifications reduced loading dock collection time in half.

Proactive Sustainability Measures

A training and compliance plan helped the client stay on top of recent legislation for organic food waste requirements.

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