A premier major league sports stadium was expanding its commitment to sustainability but had limited space to effectively sort its high volume of recyclable material. As a result, recyclable waste streams, such as plastic, cardboard and organics were being contaminated and rejected at the recycling facilities, as well as adding extra cost to redispose.

RTS Solution

Custom Equipment

To resolve the space issue, RTS created split waste compactors to allow stadium operations to sort multiple streams of materials within a single compactor and remove the risk of contamination. The compactors were quickly and easily loaded onto the hauling truck and taken to the appropriate facility.

Training and Adoption

To further increase waste stream efficiencies, RTS implemented an enhanced recycling program with the stadium’s back-of-the-house. The program included signage to clearly identify how waste should be sorted into the appropriate recycling or organics bins. The LEED-accredited RTS team also conducted a series of on-site trainings with the concessions, janitorial and operations staff to support adoption of the program and simplify the sorting and removal process.

Diversion Metrics

The stadium was able to measure its diversion goals over time as RTS automatically tracked and reported monthly totals of materials removed – including trash, recycling and organics – as well as documentation of the destination facilities. RTS also monitored the recycling drop-offs and immediately communicated with the operations team if a load was contaminated.


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