Improving e-waste recycling in DC with responsive digital solutions

Through on-demand collection and recurring services, e-waste recycling rates can be increased — helping you and your team more effectively manage both regular and one-time disposals.

E-waste in cities such as DC is a growing issue, particularly as digital transformation becomes ubiquitous.

Diverting e-waste away from landfill is a core concern for practitioners of responsible waste management, and businesses looking to improve electronics recycling in DC require solutions designed to increase transparency and accountability.
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RTS leverages our fleet of digitally connected haulers to serve your business.

To ensure accountability, our solutions for electronics recycling in DC allow you to track drop-offs at recycling facilities while providing comprehensive waste diversion metrics so you can monitor and refine your waste management activities.

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We believe there is a smarter way to manage e-waste in Washington DC.

Contact our customer support team to discuss e-waste management solutions designed to help you navigate regulation and improve your recycling practices.

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